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The observer 6 years ago
Did anyone else notice he was trying to give an ultrasound with a fucking computer mouse?
Wow.. 6 years ago
Was that genital warts on his dick?
nut 6 years ago
What is going on with his dick? Really turned me off :/
WTF 6 years ago
First of all, he used a computer mouse. Second of all, he has fucking genital warts on his dick and is not using a condom lmfao, she has genital warts now too
BlackDude7in 6 years ago
Motherfucker, Chop Off your fucking dick. Disgusting ass shit.
Bocfocic 6 years ago
His dick really turned me on
joomp 2 years ago
wft fuck some darth vader dick there
musejus 6 years ago
Wtf is on his dick?
bill 5 years ago
looks like he has a lego dick
shame 7 years ago
I will need years of therapy to get the image of his nasty dick out of my head